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Sam has been one of the preferred providers of talent for me. He has brought me some excellent profiles of individuals. Sam reads an Organization very well and that helps him to find a good match between the individual and the Organization. I can highly recommend Sam.

Steven Scheers Chief People & Culture Officer at ICEYE

Sam is a terrific recruiter and businessman generally. I worked with Sam on several projects. He is well connected, tenacious and doesn't take no for an answer. Sam has a very nice ability to focus on a specific project, but also at the same time, know when it is appropriate to discuss other opportunities. I'm impressed with Sam's relationships and access and would absolutely work with him again.

David Herman Head of Capital Markets at CR Weber

I have worked with Sam for a number of years and have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable about his field of expertise. Sam has a great eye for detail and will always ensure that he is fully updated on his clients goals and objectives but what set Sam apart from his peer group is his interest in keeping in touch with his clients both pre & post project work. I have a very positive personal experience from working with Sam and will use his services as and when new requirements arise.

Claus Hyldager Group CEO at Nisomar Ventures Ltd.

Sam has a unique approach to executive search. Along with being very knowledgeable of his industry sector, he takes time to build strong relations with executives across the industry, understanding potential opportunities and needs. He has a natural talent of connecting the right people and opportunities. I enjoy working with Sam. He is professional, pro-active and responsive.

Philly Teixeira Chair of the Board of Directors

Sam is a true entrepreneur, thinking outside of the box in various businesses that he starts - including recruiting. He is also a visionary, making connections between people in the industry, not checking the boxes in a job description, and a real pleasure to work with. He never forgets to follow up or to call back and he always helps to move the process forward.

Inna Kuznetsova
Inna Kuznetsova Chief Executive Officer at 1010data


    GlobalX has a widespread global network with extensive knowledge of individual geographical markets and environments. Our reputation built around knowledge, experience, expertise and data that has enabled us to partner with the most talented professionals and premium clients in the highly desirable markets of North America, Europe, and UAE.

    Constantly Adding Value To Our Client’s Supply Chain

    Providing improved suggestions to our customers, and a never-ending revolution.

    Global experts make life simple and help you every step of the way.

    We provide you a great platform for people to find a job .

    We have necessary job filters of solar energy, logistics, transport, and more.

    We offer the best opportunities to make a difference in your life.

    We have job's that matches your Job description.

    We offer you the best experience of applying process.

    Our motive is to make sure that we have helped you in ways that suit you the best

    If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time +44(0) 2034759855

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